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The Oxnard Police Community Foundation in the news:

November 28, 2022 | Paul Carganilla | 805-342-8292 |


2022 Oxnard Police Department Pink Patch Campaign


OXNARD, Calif. (November 28, 2022)—

For the fifth consecutive year, the Oxnard Police Department joined other law enforcement agencies across the country in October's “Pink Patch” campaign to raise funds and spread awareness for the battle against breast cancer. This year, Oxnard P.D. partnered with the Oxnard Police Community Foundation, Starbucks, Stacy Miller Public Affairs, Inc., and other local sponsors to raise funds through community “pop-up” fundraisers hosted at the Oxnard Police station, Oxnard Starbucks locations, and the Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market. These efforts raised a total of $8,000.00 for the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that provides support to breast cancer patients and survivors across Ventura County.


Oxnard Police Community Affairs Manager Paul Carganilla spearheaded the campaign, and noted, “There are so many great charities doing important work for cancer treatment and research. We selected Ribbons of Life as this year’s recipients because their services stay local and specifically benefit breast cancer patients and survivors who reside in Ventura County. We’ve developed a great relationship with the Ribbons of Life staff and we are able to see, firsthand, the great work they are doing for breast cancer patients and survivors right here in Oxnard.”


Upon receiving the donation at a presentation on November 16th, Ribbons of Life President Sylvia Rosolek stated, “We truly appreciate being supported by the Oxnard Police Department. It means so much to have your faith in our organization and your support in the community by raising awareness. This donation will allow us to continue our mission to educate, advocate and meet the social and emotional needs of Ventura County women and their families facing breast cancer. We are so grateful.”


Throughout the course of the Oxnard Police Department’s five-year participation in the Pink Patch campaign, the department has raised over $73,000.00 for breast cancer treatment, awareness, and research. According to Oxnard Chief of Police Jason Benites, these efforts stem from the department’s fundamental goal of making a positive impact in our community. Benites stated, "Our officers and staff have shown continued dedication to promoting this cause for several years, as we believe that it is very important for us to help others."


“The Team at Stacy Miller Public Affairs is very proud to be a Pick Patch title sponsor”, said Stacy Miller, President & CEO of Stacy Miller Public Affairs, Inc.“  We recognize the invaluable partnership between the Oxnard Police Department and the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation and their joint role in breast cancer education and prevention.”


Another sponsor, Ventura County Credit Union, remarked on the positive impact of the campaign. “At V.C.C.U., we are always looking for ways to help our community live happier, healthier lives,” said Melissa Miller, V.C.C.U.’s Community Partnerships Manager. “We are proud to be a part of this incredible fundraiser for such a worthy cause.”


Additional campaign sponsors included Napalm Inc. Screen Printing, Vogue Sign Company, and the Oxnard Peace Officers’ Association. 


Oxnard P.D. Community Affairs Manager Paul Carganilla added, “I’d like to thank everyone in our community who purchased our pink patch merchandise and all who donated in any way toward the cause. I am also grateful to our local Starbucks managers and the staff at the Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market for hosting our pop-up fundraisers again this year. Your hospitality and generosity were vital to this campaign.”


Additional information regarding the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation and their services can be found on their website,

June 22, 2022 | Stacy Miller | 818-402-5806 | 


The Oxnard Police Department, Oxnard Police Community Foundation, and Starbucks Raise Funds and Spread Awareness for Autism Society Ventura County


OXNARD, Calif. (June 13, 2022)— Each year, the Autism Society celebrates the month of April as Autism Acceptance Month: an effort to spread awareness and acceptance of individuals and families affected by autism. 2022 marked the fourth consecutive year the Oxnard Police Department joined in this effort with educational community “pop-ups” and fundraisers. This year, the Oxnard Police Department and Oxnard Police Community Foundation teamed with Autism Society Ventura County and local Starbucks stores to raise over $10,675.00 for the cause.

Funds were raised through sales of Oxnard Police Department “Autism Acceptance” patches and T-shirts, which were produced in part through donations from title sponsors Stacy Miller Public Affairs, Silver Mortgage Group, and the Oxnard Peace Officers’ Association. The Channel Islands Farmers Market, The Collection Farmers Market, F. Morton Pitt Company (Ventura), and local business owner Ron Wertzenberger of Ron’s Signs also donated services to the cause.

Oxnard Starbucks stores served as host to four police department pop-ups and also collected in-store donations from customers throughout the month of April. Local District Manager Anthony Valdez noted, “When communities and leaders come together, we know that we can achieve greater things than when we are apart. Being involved is part of our mission and values at Starbucks. We are passionate about supporting the communities that we serve and the Autism Society is a great partner and well deserving organization.”

According to their website, the Autism Society Ventura County was founded in 1994 by local parents, educators and professionals to help support newly-diagnosed families and develop needed local resources. The mission of the Autism Society Ventura County is to improve the lives of all affected by Autism. They work to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals within the autism spectrum and their families to be fully included members of the community. As a local non-profit, the organization relies on local partnerships. Autism Society Ventura County Vice President Ashley Pope explains, “Fundraisers and donations are our only source of income for our operations and the programs that we hold. We serve thousands of families in Ventura County each year, and it’s all funded through these efforts. It was amazing to work with Oxnard P.D. & Starbucks for the third year! The relationships we hold are so much more than the funds they raise for us, it’s about the community seeing a united front for our cause.”

The Oxnard Police Department strives to build strong community partnerships and assist Oxnard’s vulnerable populations. Police Chief Jason Benites recognizes the importance of autism awareness and education. According to Benites, “As more attention has been brought to autism, it has become increasingly apparent how far reaching this condition is. More and more people have mentioned that they have someone in their family that is on the autism spectrum. We have a number of officers and staff members who have personal experiences and have shared them, and they are highly motivated to raise the level of both understanding and acceptance to the forefront. I would like to thank and commend all of those persons and organizations that have come together with us in the effort to promote understanding and acceptance. I would also like to thank everyone who has made some form of contribution, which will help improve the lives of those impacted by autism.”


November 16, 2021 | Stacy Miller | 818-402-5806 | 


The Oxnard Police Community Foundation Thanks Jim Magnusson of Performance Therapy Center, Inc.


OXNARD, Calif. (November 16, 2021)— The Oxnard Police Community Foundation received a very generous donation of $20,000 from Oxnard business owner Jim Magnusson [Performance Therapy Center, Inc.]. These funds are significant in building the Foundation's budget and ability to support the Oxnard Police Department through enhancing public safety, engaging the community, and providing support for our police officers. Thank you, Magnusson Family!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 3, 2021 | Contact: Stacy Miller | 818-402-5806 | 



OPCF will support community outreach and programs for OPD’s personnel and family members 


OXNARD, Calif. (February 3, 2021)—A group of community members have come together with the Oxnard Police Department to form the Oxnard Police Community Foundation (OPCF). The goal of the independent 501(c)(3) non-profit is to enhance public safety in the City of Oxnard by providing financial support to the Oxnard Police Department. The OPCF will support critical programs that are not funded by the City of Oxnard, such as community engagement events and peer support following traumatic work-related incidents.

Chief Jason Benites- “I’m very excited to partner with the Foundation to make Oxnard safer and stronger. With the Foundation’s support of our community events, we will continue to increase trust and respect. The Foundation’s support for officer wellness will allow us to better care for our officers, dispatchers, and support staff that protect and serve in this difficult and challenging profession.”

Policing through community engagement and partnerships is one of the ways the Oxnard Police Department is helping to reduce crime while making lasting connections between law enforcement and the public. Many communities across the country are forming non profit foundations to bridge funding gaps and assist law enforcement in acquiring the tools not covered in the regular budget.

Stacy Miller, Chair of the Board of Directors- “We hope the Foundation will help improve the quality of life for everyone in our Oxnard community by encouraging positive contacts between the Police and residents and fostering programs and initiatives to enhance public safety in Oxnard.”


The OPCF is guided by a Board of Directors composed of community members and sworn police personnel. The Board works with the leadership of the Oxnard Police Department to ensure the Foundation’s priorities and objectives align with those of the Department. The Board Executive Committee includes Stacy Miller, President, Carey Everhart, Vice President and Delia Campbell, Chief Financial Officer. Board Members include Jason Benites, Chief of Police and Luis McArthur, Police Commander.

For more information about the Oxnard Police Community Foundation please contact Paul Carganilla at (805) 385-7631.

To donate please visit us online at Donors can also send a check made payable to:

Oxnard Police Community Foundation 

3600 South Harbor Boulevard #152 

Oxnard, CA 93035 


Chief Jason Benites- “We hope the community will consider becoming a partner today and supporting this worthwhile effort.” 

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